So, what r4 3ds does exactly?

This is what we call it the advancement for the Nintendo 3DS. It will improve your overall gaming experience. When it is adjusted with a decent memory card, you can use your 3DS device to open the browser in which you can download and store data as quickly as possible. It will speed up the whole digital transactions process.

With the descent r4 3ds, you can turn your 3DS device into multi media device. So no matter where you go, you can play your favorite videos or music that you have stored in the cards.

r4 3ds is very versatile for all Nintendo 3DS users. When you own 3DS device, the existence of r4 3ds will help you a lot.

This will revolutionize your gaming experience. You can either listening to MP3, watching movies, or browsing the webs. Rather than opening your PC, you can just access them via your 3DS device. r4 3ds comes with such ample amount of versatility. The tons of benefits make this as your valuable investment.

Brief Look of the r4 3ds Cards

These are small parts which are cartridges designed as the same size as the conventional 3Ds Game cartridges. So these components will fit perfectly to all 3DS cartridges. The only difference is that in r4 3ds type, you can add additional microSD card in the rear of the cartridge. This is marvelous. You can add additional storage for any of the apps and files you want to access and store. So you can preserve the internal hard drive of your console for your gaming experience, while you can access other important files on portable component that can be transferred flexibly from one to another device.